Pear Delight
Author: Serge Medikians
  • 1½ shots pear puree
  • 1½ shots vodka
  • sprig of thyme
  • one cube brown sugar
  • slice of lemon
  1. Pear puree (prepare in advance): peel, seed and quarter two pears and cook them in a heavy-bottomed covered pan with ½ cinnamon stick, a small pinch of saffron, a tablespoon of honey and ¾ cup water. When the pear is soft, remove the cinnamon stick and puree the mixture in a blender. Pass through a sieve and chill.
  2. For the drink, fill a shaker with ice cubes, add the ingredients and shake well, pour the whole mixture in a tall cocktail glass and garnish with a spring of thyme.
Recipe by Peony Vodka at