Quite literally, the peony flower is at the root of Peony Vodka. The subtle floral essence of Peony Vodka is the result of a recipe comprised of a proprietary blend of nine natural ingredients, including geranium, jasmine, white pepper, gardenia, green tea, vanilla, and the heart of Peony Vodka – tincture of peony.

The peony flowers used in our vodka come directly from the antique row of peonies blooming on the Sugar Maple Farm in Dutchess County New York, owned by Three Meadows Spirits founder Leslie Farhangi.

Working with local master herbalist Terri Lundquist, the peonies are harvested and processed directly on the farm to create the tincture, which is then blended during the distillation process.

Peony Vodka is distilled five times from American wheat and filtered twice through charcoal to remove even the minutest impurity. The spirit is then blended with distilled water that has been further purified by reverse osmosis to extract all remaining minerals ensuring exceptional clarity and purity even when exposed to near freezing temperatures.

The Story of Peony Flowers:
The peony is one of the world’s most beloved flowers. Over 40 unique species of peony grow throughout the world. In Japan, the peony symbolizes bravery; in China, prosperity and honor; and according to β€œThe Language of Flowers – Dozens of Lexicons of Floral Meanings,” the peony is said to hide mischievous nymphs within its copious petals and thus stood for bashfulness.

The American Peony Society was founded in 1903 and now serves as the international cultivar registration authority to ensure accuracy to those communicating the diverse plant identities in commerce or for discussion.