The last element of production is in the works (and paid for!)

The very final piece of production has been nailed down:  the custom manufacture of our tamper-proof seal on top, which also will have all of the “neck lines”.  Because it is a custom job, the lead time is 12 weeks, so, that means we may have bottles of vodka done in about 4 moonths’ time (putting us at the end of November).

The other elements of production that had to be sourced and paid for are the bottle, of course, the corks, the labels, and how the labels were being applied, a hang tag with our story, and the cartons the bottles will travel in.

As I wrote earlier, I was surprised to find out just how difficult production is, so wrapping it up, from our end, is an achievement.  However, having beautiful  bottles filled with vodka is just the beginning.  Now comes the challenge of getting those bottles on shelves.  And to do that, we need a distributor.

We’ve also been hard at work on that front, and will write more once there’s news to report.


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